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Rigid PCB & HDI Board Technical Capability

Lanination Machine

LDI Exposure Machine

Laser Drilling machine

Automatic panel plating line

Circuit developing line

Silk Screen Printer

Automatic PTH Line


Develping Line

Our lives are largely dependent on machines and electronic gadgets. We are very lucky that we live in an era where all of these luxuries were possible through electronic manufacturing. This allows us to identify our needs and routine tasks. So that we can design and manufacture electronic gadgets to automatically take care of these needs and tasks. Hence, it allows us to make our lives easier and our world a better place.

Electronic manufacturing

Rigid-flex PCB Production Capability


Testing Equipment

100% Visual Insepction

Magnifier/microscope Inspection

Impedance Test

Flying Probe Test

Two-dimensional Detection

Halogen-free Test


Fixture Jig Test


AOI Testing



Digital electronic device manufacturers

4-Layer PCB electronic fabrication

    • Quality management system and products have been certified by authoritative organizations
    • Preventive control through engineering design before production
    • Strict production process control
    • Complete product quality improvement system
    • 100% inspection including electrical test and AOI inspection
    • High voltage test, impedance test, micro sectioning, solderability test, and other professional tests can be performed.